The Area

Our farm resides next to the Amstel, in the Polder called “De Rondehoep”. De Rondehoep is a large, open pasture in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

Ouderkerk is in an open area and just south of it lays our farm. The circle around the Polderdijk through Waver is especially popular with biking and hiking people from Amsterdam. Other recreational options are rowing on the “Botshol” and swimming in the Ouderkerkerplas, which has only existed after digging in 60s for the creation of the A9 freeway. It’s one of the most beautiful, unspoiled polders of the Amstelland, just to the south of Amstermand. It’s roughly 1200 hectare big.The polder contains many species of birds.

Ouderkerk is a picturesque hamlet with a rich history and a friendly core of people. They’re known for their culinary activity. There are around 269 businesses, of which 60 are farms.