Boerententencamping is vacation, and with vacation comes activities. That’s why we made a list of the most important to-do’s around our farm!

The Amstel.

The Amstel has always been a source of life at the Aemestellehoeve. For instance, it provided our crops with water. These days it’s also an oasis of peace for people on holiday here. These are some things you can do on the Amstel!


Come sit by the water with a fishingrod and some bait, and look at what kind of fish you can find in the Polder!


On the warmer days you can take a refreshing dive into the Amstel!


Taking a boat out on the Amstel, it’s a great way to enjoy the quiet in the Polder. This is a real relaxation-tip!


Not every activity needs to be, well, active. You can also just get a drink on our terrace, or order a piece of home-made apple pie!

Bike rides.

Riding a bike is healthy. On that we can agree. But it can also be a great way to relax, and not everyone realises that. Pick up one of our rental-bikes and take a calming ride through the countryland. Do a “Rondje Rondehoep” (around the Rondehoep), or use one of many bicycle routes. We also rent out bikes!


Walking calms the mind, and in the Rondehoep that’s especially true. The fresh country air, the silence of nature and the radiance of freedom will give you a great day from which you’ll come home refreshed as never before.


In Spring we offer our “Poldersafari”. Here we’ll take you into the fields on a farmer’s truck and a guide from the nature bond will tell you about the birds and other animals in the area. It’s fun and you’ll even learn something!

Kids parties.



It’s possible for your kids to have a completely arranged, exciting adventure with us. Here your kids will learn to work with nature in a fun but respectful way. We do this in collaboration with ROTS Outdoor, an organisation specialised in Outdoor Events.


What is a visit to a farm without a tour? We’ll happily show you around the farm, how everything works and how the life of a farmer really is. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your inner farmer?