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Our campsite is 3 kilometres from the closest village (Ouderkerk aan de Amstel) lays in the polder and directly next to the Amstel (river)

The Amstel

It is wonderful to relax on the Amstel and enjoy the setting sun, or take a refreshing dive on a warm day. We even have guests who bring their fishing rod and cast their line in the Amstel. We have 2 piers, one of which has stairs to enter and exit the Amstel.

We also offer the possibility to arrive with your boat.

The polder

The polder is one of the most beautiful, almost completely untouched polders of the area, just south of Amsterdam and about 1200 hectares big. The Polder partially consists of nature with many special birds. The polder is a beautiful environment to take a biking trip. Bike the local ‘Rondehoep’ or use one of the many other bike routes. We also have Bikes for rent!

The village

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is a cozy village where different stores are available for your groceries. We have several nice terraces and restaurants with a view of the water. Ouderkerk has a nostalgic town centre with a famous Jewish cemetery.


Because our campsite is so close to Amsterdam you can easily go there by bike or by using public transportation. Alter between the quiet countryside and our capital whenever you want to.